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[Rollback Request] TheUndertaking

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Account Name: TheUndertaking or previously (changed 2 weeks ago) Determinized.

Island Rollback

Island Owner Name: TheUndertaking

Coordinates: x: 14412.375    y: 160.2    z: 7020.97

Time/Date: 10/07/17 Late in Afternoon 8-9ish PM

Description of Issue: Basically, I was on one day and had to leave. But a newer player although unfamiliar with his name asked me for some resources. As someone who donates lots to the newer players, I agreed that If trust him on my island he could receive the requested materials. He agreed I exited the game. I believe the next day, I logged in and saw my base stripped of basically every valuable item on the island. Including my ME System, spawner system, ender chests from random machinery, auto-storage setup, my draconic battery and the three reactors all making power. With no power, no resources or created dimensions left. I left the game and thought about quitting. This was until a random player told me that I could request a rollback. Please accept as I'm someone who really wants to play on this server but all my work was undone. Thank you for your time. P.S The only items available to me, were the ones I had originally when I logged off the server.2017-07-13_20_08_24.png.208952bb2b4e76b03f9eaa8624a94012.png2017-07-13_20_08_00.png.3993d37fc175567b0d8f6058f3e4be68.png


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