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Economy and easy Endgame Fix


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So i was asked to post this.

The idea is to give out Server Ranks over time.

For Example: 0-20 hours no Tag, 20-60 hours Beginner etc.

And add the Rule that new players without a specific rank and above are not allowed to be given items to for free, or sell items to at a low price.

This is to make sure new players can't just jump into end game content like rftools and draconic evolution, since normally it would be crucial to atleast have some sort of basic ressource winning automation -

If it's sieving or magical crops.

Ofc trading could be included, if the traded items are kinda equal in rarity / price.


This is the basic idea. I told Yusixs i do some brainstorming on how to fix the economy even more. Maybe i add some stuff in here later on.



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This is wonderful idea, but the idea for a specific rank and above are not allowed to be given items to for free or sell item at low price is not a good idea, that's my option. 

maybe cheap kit at high rank.

I would suggest to add this idea to skyfactory 3 

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first off, @Tiredman72, given your promotion I think it's due time you change your signature.

Yep, I am indeed a puny little helper  "


Now, as for the suggestion- as this is a suggestion as a whole and not just for SF3 and SF- similar suggestions have been discussed before but sadly it wouldn't work, as we can't really easily limit players from trading. If we could we woudln't have the problem we have with creative players- The thing aswell is that we can't overcomplicate trading, then everyone will complain because they don't understand it. Having a tier system like this would be cause that sort of confusing. I don't see this to be possible, unfortunately-

However I do agree with a tier system and I think it would be cool if we could have like 2-3 ranks just for those who have the most playtime on the servers. Not give them something SUPER powerful, but some special perms- not to collide with the donator ranks however. 

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