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Hacked Client Ac


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28 minutes ago, AngeloXD said:

He is trying to laugh with you, because he said "hola :v" and saying .hola is not proof because some hacks can be desactivated so that it lets you put .hola



I dont see any proofs.

Sure, all hacked client needs to activate any hack with a . 

Maybe he is your friend and you are defending him or what?

I asked him for put something with . and he dont wanted to write.

Also he confirmed he had hacks. And you are spanish speaker and you can clealy read this. 


For the last, it´s not your decition if he will get banned or no.

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Maybe he wanted to say "por hacks" but meaning that you were flying "por hacks". (por hacks = because of hacks). I don't know what to say about this report, I don't consider this a real proof. Let's wait some else's opinion.

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