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Only have 9 hearts

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IGN: __Chichi__

Issue: I only have 9 hearts and I have been using the Sync Shells but I still have 9 hearts

I got it by making a reinforced watering can and the Sync shells don't do anything but i still want by 10 hearts back

There is a picture under Discord's Technical Support
Picture: 2017-07-15_16.50.48.png

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When you craft soul fragment for reinforced watering can it is normal to loose 10% of your health. This health is lost permanently. This is why reinforced watering cans are not so easy to get. You can not regain your heart back. And this is not bug. Also note that you can craft only limited number of valid soul fragments (7 to be precise). If you craft more then 7 fragments they become 'weak' and you can not craft reinforced watering can with them. Of course the number 7 is valid only if you did not used extra heart canister before crafting soul fragment.

What you can do is get some extra heart by wearing heart canister. there are 3 sets of heart canisters: red, yellow and green. With those canisters you can get 30 extra heart (60 health point). Also there is a botania ring that can grant you yet another set of 10 extra heart.

Another option (less probable) is to really get back your heart back by eating soul fragment. You must obtain soul fragment from another player - and this player will loose his health permanently - that is why i say it is less probable to happen.

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