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creative ability enabled by request for higher rank


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I noticed that not that much higher tier donator knows about the rules about no trading for creative players including their townmates.

and it took a while to get creative removed/ added.

I suggest making creative abilities enabled by request, (disabled by default)

so the creative eligible players won't abuse their power.

two of my friend is sponsor donator and both don't want to (and did not) use their rank for creative and mostly unaware of their creative status affecting their team not allowed to trade/ gift items.

maybe create template along the lines of "I understand this will remove my and my townmates' right to enter trading/ gifting activities and my current progress is considered creative made"

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We discussed this a while back, having the shop full of different ranks, having a special sponsor rank that didn't have creative for example- it was denied at the end because the main arguement was that they just wanted to support the server- well there's a raw donation button that gives you no rewards if that's your intention.

There are more people wanting creative than not, so making this would be silly, or overwriting creative and having it disabled by default as you suggest, cuz that'd be more work for bruny. And the hassle of having to "enable" it would be too much for some and it would affect donations.

For those few that do not want creative- you can request a removal -And the creative rules do get sent out to everyone upon donating, sure if anything we could define that ingame mail a tad.

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As a player I would tell anyone I care about that this is not permitted and make use of the Complaints section of the forum to report those who are an issue. Just my two cents :D 

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