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[DW 1.7] Can't place Greatwood Planks on infusion pillar

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Dear Craftersland!

I have a problem with making a thaumostatic harness wich is needed in the recipe of the KAMI Chestplate. I can't place geatwood planks on infusion pillars, it says i can't modify the land here.

But the pillar is inside my town, and im the Major. So if it possible can a gm help me with that problem? Faenix told me make a post about it.

Images: http://imgur.com/gallery/dakEK

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14 hours ago, supergoten said:

Is your in-game nickname XxastrofizitoxX? If not, then you have a problem.

If it is, then you should try re-making the town or re-making the pedestal and see if it works.

My in-game name is InfinityGamer22. xxastrofizitoxx lives near me. I cant even place greatwood planks as a block.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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