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[Rollback Request] XxTopKillerzZ

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Account Name: XxTopKillerzZ
Island Rollback or Inventory Rollback: Island Rollback
Island owner name: Forstep
Coordinates: x=-5591 y=143 z= 14648
Time/date[19/7/2017 - 6:45pm]: 
Description of Issue: My friend missed click me drive and remove the drives that were spawnied in creative by a friend.

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I talked to Forstep and this is what I learned:

At some point of time Hisuni (sponsor) was either trusted or was memeber of island. They were rebuilding me system and transfered items from old me system to new one. Hisuni was building new me system and she used spawned drives and storage cells to build it. Some time later Hisuni left island and is not longer member there. Forstep trusted me on island and as a test i broke one empty drive, it just disapear i did not get it in my invetory - that is why i think they were spawn in by Hisuni. And same happened to storage cell when Forstep broke the drive with cells in it (they just disapeared).

If Forstep do get island rollback he will have same problem with spawned creative items again. Therefore he ask for refund instead. Those items he want to be refunded:

- 500 iron ingots

- 500 gold ingots

- 600 draconium ingots

- 3 4k storage cell (empty)

- 3 16k storage cell (empty)

- 1 64k storage cell (empty)


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