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old ban


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[1] In-Game Username: alexthefail
[2] Details of Situation: 

The last ban they gave me was on 06/24/2017 by bug abuse

[3] Ban Category: Tempbanned
[4] Ban Duration: 13 days
[5] Staff Member: First Ban: Terminator Second Ban: ZengZ

[6] ScreenShots: http://imgur.com/a/31BNb and http://imgur.com/Cpx7h2R
[7] Your Reason:

The last ban they gave me was on 06/24/2017 by bug abuse
And Sofia Gonzalez published a new report → http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/21698-report-ctw/#comment-116906
In which the test images is clearly seen that it was two months ago and she posted it 2 days ago it is unfair to ban me for an old post
And I tried to talk to Marcelol and Zengz but the two banned me for ban evade when the ban was unfair
Thanks for reading, I await your response.
The proof of this in the screenshot is clearly seen the date 10/05/2017 two months ago

Those who banished me
I banned these accounts: brimel, alexthefail, _LocoAndyClienT_
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Hello. We know some latins players dont know English, but srls dont use Google Translate, your post dont have any coherence.

Even thought Sofia's proofs was taken about 2 months ago, they are still usefull. 

First, you evade your ban with Andy's account to keep playing on Ctw. You join with xX_ecuador_Xx (evading AGAIN) to tell me a story that you recently have comeback to minecraft, and that I ban you for no reason. when I recheck your IP it was the same that Alexthefail, _LocoAndyClienT_, and xX_ecuador_Xx. So I decided to ban you Again for Evade for a 3 time.

secound. @MarceLOL ban you again cuz he migth check your ip with Brimel, which match with yours. This account has been banned severals time for the SAME REASON. 

Unban Request Denied. dont create more topic or keep evading or you will have to wair more days.


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