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My complaints


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1.There is waaaayyyyy to little iron like i mined for about 4 hours and i only found about 30 iron ore. (Dont know if its the modpack or your server but if you can change how much ore there is please change it)

2.Why can i not pick up my stuff from other peoples claims if i accidentally died there. That is really stupid.

3.Why are the prices in the store so fucking overpriced. 8 fucking iron for 100$ that is retarded.

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1. not sure what causes that, must be bad luck... i'm getting normal amounts if not more ores... maybe just completely depleted, only way to fix that would be a wipe.

2. this is to prevent griefing, you shouldn't really wander in someone else's claim if they are not online anyways.

3. the prices are high to encourage players to get their own recourses in one way or another (laser drills, mystcraft dense ores).


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