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They stole everything


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My username is MrAle, Formerly it was Aleeagar15.
I got stolen everything in Acv1, I got hacked My account 2 times and Little Help
The truth is a shame that people who donate to the server have to suffer these consequences, if they give me serious help Great news for me
Every time I made a post, Terminator I always locked it  T/C. I did not get any help with Terminator, and he's Staff.It's supposed to help.

Luckily this time I did have my enderchest Screenshot. There are the photos
Please Do not ingune and help me It's the only thing I ask

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You do not get any help from me or you aren't reading what I'm saying to you? Totally different things.
I told you In Your Last Post  if you want a refund make a post in Technical Support. Using a Refund Request Template. And I also told you that if you complain and you don't know who did it we can't do anything about that guy. And Once Again. You made a topic in the wrong section and you are blaming us for not getting any help.
I said all of this in THIS TOPIC HERE. And the topic is Still Opened. So why did you make 4 Same Topics?
These are all your topics:



I tried to make this as clear as possible. But I don't know if I can make it any clearer, if you don't understand I'm afraid no one can help you.

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In network there is not a refund request template lol @Terminator , is just to make a topic with a list & proof of the items like my sister made:

En network no hay ningun formato de refund request, solo es hacer un post con una lista y prueba de los items como el que hizo mi hermana:

And @MrAle is hard for the staff what are you trying to say if you use google traductor, the translations are not correct,

Y Ale es dificil para el staff que es lo que tu estas tratando de decir si usas el traductor de google, las traducciones casi siempre son incorrectas,

Y lo que Termi te esta diciendo es que tu no estas leyendo lo que el te esta diciendo, tratare de traducirtelo.

Terminator: Yo te dije en tu ultimo post que si tu querias un refund request que hicieras un post en Technical support usando el template de refund request(que no existe)

Y yo tambien te dije que si tu hacias un reporte y no sabias quien lo habia hecho nosotros no podremos hacer nada con ese chico. Y una vez mas tu hiciste otro post en la seccion incorrecta y tu nos estas inculpando por no recibir ayuda. Yo te dije todo esto en THIS TOPIC HERE. Y el post aun esta abierto. Entonces porque tu hiciste 4 post iguales?

Estos son todos tus posts: etc

Yo estoy tratando de hacer esto lo mas entendible posible, Pero yo no se si lo puedo hacer mas claro, si tu no entiendes me temo que nadie podra ayudarte

Espero te sirva de algo.


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