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Hacker and Robo


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My username is MrAle

Assassin Craft v1 Server

situation: I was robbed of all that was achieved in assassi craft v1. I have no idea who it was, but twice they robbed me
The first time was in Aleeagar 15, and I had no screenshot of my enderchest, 
Fortunately for the second time if you take screenshot enderchest


I would love to get help, and the most important thing is to know how they do to get into my account. I have died several times in the spawn, and the command / bukkit: kill was not activated

Screenshot 1 : This time the command / bukkit: kill was not activated and the user TDB_DANTExD_ was present saying that he killed me : 

For me he has to see something, because he told me "I do it looks" - I died in the spawn and he put "Ops"

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