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[Refund Request] Disappeared items


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Account Name: QuartzWitch

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful)

6 ender quarries

5 Speed 3 quarry upgrades

3 Tesseract

120 botania sparks

10 spark augment recessive

10 spark augment dominant

8 world anchor

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:

Last week on Wednesday the dimensions were wiped deleting the quarries.  Then my base had a glitched block which wasn't fixed until the dimensions were reset again, deleting more quarries.  A long time ago we had 4 world anchors to load the chunks and they disappeared randomly.  Now they did again so the number is starting to count up.  Also we had botania setup but it randomly lost the sparks which are kinda like the pipes.  IDK when they disappeared but was within 1 week I think.

Description of Issue: See above

Evidence (optional, but recommended):

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