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complaint Rickjehh, DGK_YT, and Ksury


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In-Game Nickname: Rickjehh, DGK_YT, and Ksury

Time and date: July 27 2017 3:00 PST

Description of what happened: Rickjehh was using a ton of legendary crates then said he duped them. then started to give them away in a drop party. So i tped to him and I had my magnet on to try to get all of the keys but a few people got stacks. I have the items i took from the DP and have them in a chest to be destroyed. Later on, DGK_YT showed me how to dupe and i have screenshots of that. I also think we should clear Ksury base and items because he/she got a ton of legendary crate keys and used them all at once. I have screenshots of how to dupe. i will send them to a staff member but not on this post.

Screenshots or Proof: http://imgur.com/a/iWo52

List of eyewitnesses: I was the only one that cared that he/she was duping the keys so i don't think people with take my side. Only ones online were new members that did not care what was and was not against the rules.

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