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Items disappearing and glitches and low tps


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Hi, I been noticing the world anchors and botanic sparks disappear about every 5 minutes.  Idk what the view distance is but the ME system glitches a lot when the server is saving.  Mightynight my town member noticed that the ME autocrafting disconnects even though there are cables and it's within 2 chunks of the controller.  When it disconnects it unexpectedly spills all the items on the floor then they despawn.  This never used to happen before with the same system.

These items disappear about every 5 minutes so it's worse than if they are banned because u craft them then u lose the resources.  They are supposed to disappear when tps goes low maybe, but they disappear all the time even when tps is good.  I checked with the tps command and by watching mobs.

Also despite all of this, the server tps is really slow still about 50% constantly when there are a lot of people on so I don't think making the items disappear helps.

Is there a list of items we can't use do to deleting?  I was recently trying to see if a MFR chunk loader would work but my ME doesn't work anymore.

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