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[Refund Request] Me autocraft glitch


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Account Name: QuartzWitch (SolarCity)

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful)

200 quantum solars

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:


Description of Issue: We were farming the materials needed to make another batch of solars for weeks then we finally had enough and we started crafting them with ME.  So we had chunk loaders and were waiting there for it to craft when the server reset.  Instantly we came back online then checked the progress.  Some other jobs were there but not the solars.  Also the chunk loaders were missing.  I think the ME got disconnected by the server then it spilled out all the items then they despawned because later on mightynight noticed it started happening more.  Thats right when the server reset it deleted 200 solars worth of material from the ME, and probably a lot more random things over time.  I noticed the ME can't even stay on anymore.  We would like to make more but we can't get the system back online, plus we lost weeks of work so we figured we'd put this to get a refund.

Evidence (optional, but recommended):


here the glitch is talked about more.  You can also see the previous solars we made on the roof as proof we can craft them and the recipes in ME if it works for a couple seconds.

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