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[Refund Request] Major_Mangolia


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Account Name: Major_Mangolia

Item - Draconic Chestplate -- item ID - 5626

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 31/07/2017 at around 2:10am UK time.


Description of Issue:

I spent an hour looking for 1 last piece to complete the recipe, a dense diamond ore, as soon as i completed the recipe i put it in my inventory walked over to my energy infuser accessed it and then relized i did not have the item, i checked the crafting table multiple times, relogged, even waited till restart but nothing worked. As you could probably guess i have no screenshot of the item because it dissapearred as soon as I made it, but i do have a screenshot of my inventory after the event.

please contact me either ingame or on this site telling me wether you can help me or not.

thank you

Evidence (optional, but recommended):2017-07-31_02_21_02.thumb.png.de60f9de89bacf3ab86553907e479cf1.png

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