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[Rollback Request] Blubo

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Account Name: Blubo

Island Rollback or Inventory Rollback: Island Rollback

Island owner name: Muemmelman1305

Coordinates: PosX: 14600 PosY: 140 PosZ: -11570

Time/date[Time/Date you want it rolled back to]: German Date: 31.07.2017 Time: 14:45 in germany. (2:45pm) 

Description of Issue: Our friend accidentally broke our ME Storage System with a Staff of Power 7x7 no safety mode. We already built it a little bid up because we didn't thought of this type of help. We built up the floor again and dislocated a few things. But overall we didn't do something major. 

*Screenshots:  Doesn't work to upload for whatever reason. I can send it you over discord. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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