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Rollback request butterball122


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Account Name: Butterball122

Town name: / Character name : Phewbew/Butterball122

Coordinates: X: -4599.4180 Y: 58.00  Z:-3702.50

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Any time July 31st

Description of Issue: When I logged onto the server after not playing all day my town had been raided. The M.E. system, lots of machines and other things. 

As I typed this I got banned, this is ridiculous I just came here to play minecraft :( 

I took screenshots but at the moment I'm not sure how to find them, ill try to figure it out. If I don't get a rollback ill probably just stop playing

Thanks for reading, -Butterball122





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Regarding the ban. If you read rule 4 you will see that you are not allowed to take items from a town with a creative player when you leave. I didn't want to make the ban but if I allow myself to make exceptions I will have to do it more often and that will lead to a'lot of problems. And this rollback will most likely happen on Friday as that is when maintenance is.


RoastedEU <3

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