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¿IMPERSONATING STAFF in Assasin Craft v1? SantJM


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Good evening / day, I communicate through this means of communication, the filing of a complaint on my part, because on the server "Assasins Craftv1", has been banned by supposedly "Staff Impersonating", the situation is as follows: I was playing quietly on the server, getting resources to be able to carry out an improvement of what was my income in that site of the server (to get armor, gold ingots, etc), was hidden from a player, To which I was crouched (pressing shift), behind many trees, and he does not see my name, and out of nowhere the player is heading towards me and kills me. Due to this situation I enter into a moment of anger, due to my anger I said by message to this player (SebastianHs): "im a hidden mod, you will be banned for x-ray :)". That is, the desire to say somehow that I was "a hidden mod" and that I was going to ban him; But at the moment I was going to send this message to the player, this had already been disconnected, since therefore this message was not going to be received by the player, but a manager of "KayWolves",i get banned by that supposed reason(Reason: "IMPERSONATING STAFF"), The ban in my opinion was done improperly, because the message did not reach the recipient, and therefore; I was not "supplanting someone's staff", and I think, in my humble opinion, should not be spied Messages between players on the part of the administration, since the private issues and can carry a great responsibility, and that only resort to the espionage of messages when some player, is a complaint towards someone, anyway, that is all, I hope you will know that the message was not sent, and therefore there was no such undue behavior on my part, only I and the administration know about that message. Goodbye, I hope you consider my request from UnBan.
































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