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Hacks, caps lock


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Just now, Wolf_Flow111 said:


Do you realize that the arrow is far from the player? Plus, i can see an username there. =/ Someone should punish the user for using caps, but the hacked client not.

Someone can T/C.

Not really far, it looks like a short trajectory and you can see that he is hacking, if you look at the picture closely tho.

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1 minute ago, Wolf_Flow111 said:

Don't you see that he is fighting with someone else there? You can even see the nickname, too. Invalid proofs. 

That arrow showed up right when he pulled up the bow (only video could have proven that tho). If you look closely at the arrow it isn't going straight into abramania, so I say the other player didn't shoot the arrow, but abramania. It is up to staff if they decide to ban him for hacked client, they must punish him for caps tho. Let's wait for staff.

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