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[Refund Request]k1ller103[DW1.7]


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Account Name: k1ller103

Server: DW1.7

Item name + item ID:

64 Wither Skeleton Skulls - 397:1

Skeleton spawner - 52:51 (I used a portaspawner to transport it)

Crystal Chest - 1314:5

25 Conveyor Belts - 1127:16

Cursed Earth - 1290


Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: The last time the nether was reset


Description of Issue: Due to work I haven't been on in a while and when I returned earlier today I found my wither skeleton farm to be missing and realized the nether had been reset in my absence


Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): I don't have a screenshot though I do have a town set where my wither skeleton farm was before the nether reset


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