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Lost my items in a dimension

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Account Name:

Server: dw1.10

all my stuff in my inventory

Diamond backpack, and a lot of other stuff

I think somwhere around 8PM MT time. 2017, August 11


Description of Issue:I was wondering around rftools dimensions and while I had a phased shield I died was fully charged.

Evidence (optional, but highly recommended):



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8PM (MT) time

August 11, 2017


17 hours and 30 minutes from now

does my inventory also rollback too?

or can you just get the things in the dimension?

might be a glitch or bug because I had the phased shield that would prevent me from getting killed.

Refund list: all the important things I remember. 

-A material absorber with 100% Gold Ore.

-Wyvern Chestplate.

-Diamond Backpack.

-Angel Ring with the black wings not Devil.


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