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[Refund Request] whiteflash1


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Account Name: whiteflash1

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful)
X 02: World Anchor 1315
X 16: Ender Pearl 368

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:
13-8-2017 It just dissapeared
14-8-2017 It just dissapeared


Description of Issue:

World anchors seem to be dissapearing after just minutes. Any fix?

Evidence (optional, but recommended):

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Hello whiteflash!

There is a new plugin in place, since a couple of weeks ago - custom coded by bruny to help tackle the tps issues we were having and the randomly entityclearing bosses.

All has been for the better, the plugin works as such that it takes two tps checks and if both are under a certain threshold the plugin execute certain actions.


If below 18tps the server will clear entities, but only entities there are more than 100 of. Resulting in very rare occations of bosses getting cleared.

If below 16tps the server will clear all the world's active world anchors and chunkloaders. No matter which kind - this is what made the big impact to improving the tps.

If below 12tps the server will start a 60-30 seconds restart countdown.


due to this being the intended feature, we do not refund chunkloaders of world anchors- you can still use them but there is this certain risk to it. We don't want to straight out ban the chunkloaders, as many other servers do- we want them still to work but the server shouldn't suffer a great deal for it.

Now you know why they disappeared, we also don't refund them because- what would then be the point? Everyone would just place it back down everytime they get cleared and then we're back at where we started.


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