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Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) :


In-Game Nickname :


Nickname of the one you are complaining about :

  • Lecabre
  • diegocam
  • TheXGamer2003
  • EmiArtzVfx
  • SuKoH
  • Martifli159
  • MrStroschein
  • manolooo
  • danielman21
  • franmunoz888
  • TDB_DantexD_
  • GamerPro
  • julio
  • UnCuboMagico123
  • kingmanu993
  • XeraXNahh
  • Double_E2
  • Orbetrus24
  • iKiyla_Aura
  • CyberDragon
  • adrian_r4
  • GilbertoGamer
  • TheKevin2004
  • iiTzPaquin_
  • joe09

Description of the situation :

  • Lecabre- Disrespect towards other players.
  • diegocam- Disrespect towards other players. Using the word "gay" in a derogatory manner. Spamming characters.
  • TheXGamer2003- Disrespect towards other players. (Something like his 4th offence)
  • EmiArtzVfx- Caps lock.
  • SuKoH- Spam, disrespect towards other players, swearing and may be considered racist.
  • Martifli159- Bad sportsmanship
  • MrStroschein- Bad sportsmanship
  • manolooo_ Bad sportsmanship
  • danielman21- Swearing in Spanish and character spam
  • THEYOSEF7- Character spam and spam in general
  • franmunoz888- Spam
  • TBD_DantexD_- Swearing
  • GamerPro- Spamming (4th offence I think)
  • julio- Disrespect towards other players
  • UnCuboMagico123- Bad sportsmanship and player disrespect
  • kingmanu993- Extreme amounts of spam and disrespect
  • XeraXNahh- Disrespect towards other players and bad sportsmanship
  • Double_E2- Caps
  • Orbetrus2- Caps and disrespect to other players
  • iKiyla_Aura- Attempting to trap/spleef teammates and wool room chest bug abuse
  • CyberDragon- Character spam
  • adrian_r4- Team griefing- Lighting bridge on fire and teammates
  • GilbertoGamer- Wool room chest bug abuse
  • UrosMALINEEEE- Wool room chest bug abuse
  • TheKevin2004- Spam
  • iiTzPaquin_- Swearing
  • joe09- Breaking crafting tables that teammates are using

Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) :

https://imgur.com/a/w32Xg https://imgur.com/a/IDCby 


Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :

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