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[Refund] KingsMan


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Account Name: KingsMan

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful)

Yeah lost a whole chest with witchery stuff:

(I remember just a couple of stuff,so that's not precise)

demonic blood x4

redstone soup x1

flying ointment x2

necromantic stone x1

attuned stone (not charged,was going to charge them today) x3

seer stone x1

The next ones are not hard to do,theyre pretty cheap but takes time to make

(I got more than 32 of every type of them,except the diamond vapor,got only 8)

foul fume

exhale of the horned one

oil of vitriol

diamond vapor

tear of the goddess

breath of the goddess

hint of rebirth

whiff of magic

odour of purity

and some dust (it had "evil" word in the title,cant remember :( )

And my chalks:

1 otherwhere chalk

5 ritual chalks

1 golden chalk

(I think that's all )

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:14:40 (or like this) GMT +3:00 August 23


Description of Issue:Yeah so we had a problem with our base today,made a rollback request,but these items disappeared after i did stay AFK

none of my town mates got the stuff,im sure because no one of them does witchery

Evidence (optional, but recommended): Idk,i can give proof of the chest....but it's useless


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