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Opinions For New Mod-Pack?


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Well first off I'm making this in the general discussion because there is no suggestions page here. Only ones for specific servers.

     Okay so I think it would be a good idea to add something like Project Ozone Lite to the branch of CraftersLand servers. I personally really like the modpack and I want to know what others feel about the idea. Also I have no idea if this will ever happen, but maybe if the community wants it, and everyone likes this idea, then maybe it could happen :P If its not too much trouble I would love it if everyone left their opinions on this topic down below, and maybe add some ideas for other packs. 

Now that that's out of the way, lets clear up why i'm making this post.

     I really feel like these servers are amazing, but they just need something new. Also (this is a personal sort of thing for me but still) I can barely run most of the other packs because they are packed full of mods, things like Project Ozone Lite don't have that many mods (mainly because they are lite packs). Which brings me to the issue that a lot of people- not just me - have difficulty running other packs that they might want to test out. This pack has a lot of mods that people like, and is still easy to run. I just think its a good idea to add a new lite pack that is stable, fun to play, and easy to run. Also it doesn't have to be Ozone Lite, it can be anything, just leave your suggestions down below. 

     Also an idea is to replace one of the servers who have barely any players on per day, and add a server that would be more popular, and in turn, more profitable. This profit could be used to keep servers up when donations are low, and pay for any plugin development, ect.

(this isn't an official poll asking if you want a mod-pack, I simply want your opinion on the matter)

Leave your opinions down below. :) 

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