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Believe it or not, but I think that Infinity evolved's spawn is the best spawn we got.

It might not be the prettiest of things, but if you think of it from a "development" standpoint it makes alot of sense.


Imagine your train of thought when you first log into the server, what are the first couple of things you notice? The shops, the legendary crates, the staircase and the end portal. You all see these things even if you might not think about it, this directly tells the player that there is more of spawn, it tells them that they can use spawn to get to end, legendary crates gets the m intrigued and the shops let's them know we have economy on the server if they missed that.

Moving closer they also find the randomteleport signs so that they don't get lost. Most players would also have a quick look around and straight away they would find the market pillars, information computer, and the information board by just spinning around... and really just by turning 360 degrees in spawn a player indirectly has been informed about pretty much all that the server has to offer. He will know to come back to spawn and check the info board or monitor if he has questions... for example of how to make a town. There are also signs explaining what the market pillars and the crates are. 

And for these reasons I think it's perfect. While a more open spawn as per the screenshot you suggested IS nicer, it opens up alot of "free choices" for the player "oh, should I go north, south, west or east?" and whatever they would choose they would miss out on 3/4's of what the spawn has to offer. The question you'd have to ask yourself is what kind of spawn do you want? One that looks nice, or one that functions best as a spawn point?

In my opinion it should function as a spawn point, if we were to have had a hub world between all servers then that could have been a more open solution.



If you are curious in this way of thinking I would recommend the Design Club by Extra Credits on youtube - 

While we are not a game developer, we still create a gaming experience for the players so this kind of thinking is essential :-) 

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