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Pretty neat skyfactory power setup


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You're looking at 84 Chaotic solar panels surrounding a tier 8 draconic core, 44M rf/t during daytime

It "only" took

  • 1,081,854 Glass
  • 924,672 Jungle wood
  • 336 Dragon eggs
  • 42 Chaos shards
  • 415,296 Iron
  • 642,600 Mirrors
  • 172,032 Solar Panel I


Not so Frequently Asked Questions

Did you make this post just to brag?

Yes, yes i did. This took way too long, and after crashing the server for the third time in a row people start to get annoyed for some reason

Why tho?

Who doesnt like having 44M rf/t "for free"? And it looks cool

How long did this take you?

A week give or take, killing the ender dragon for the 60th time in a row gets tiring

Did you do this in Creative?

Everything was gathered in survival with the help of rftool dims

This is not that cool, i have/could do alot better setup than this



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