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Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW


In-Game Nickname : MeJorge


Nickname of the one you are complaining about :

1) baqueTXD

2) xXlucan0Xx

3) Mureakira

4) _Desmond

5) commander285

6) JesusManauJr

7) WillGamer20

8) LauVal223345

9 )oscar_0012

10) josetoto32

11) lukitas


13) alk4tum

14) P_ter

15) WeGucciFam

Description of the situation :

1) Obstructing the wool

2) Shift hack (may not be visible)

3) Armor bug

4) Breaking blocks under teammates

5) Flood

6) Flood

7) Spamming, Insulting, Trolling with fire and obstructing the wool

8) Blocking the spawn with a wall

9) Breaking blocks under teammates (may not be visible)

10) Breaking blocks under teammates (may not be visible)

11) armor bug

12) Trolling (Lava)

13) Trolling (Lava) Spam and swearing

14) Armor bug

15) Armor bug

Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) :




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Constantly replying to the topic will not make us answer any faster, but slower.

Also, giving us separate links for every accused person would speed up the process, it is very hard to review the evidence when it's all in 1 link and the photos are random.

Players punished. Topic closed.

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