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Chance cube destroyed my sotarge :/

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So im newby here. I played 3-4 hours on my island. I decided to loot the chance cubes, that i got from voting. I tryed to do this far from my base, but the double rainbow destroyed my main storage.

I dont have screeshots what it contained, but there was like 64+32 Iron, 32 Gold, ~10 diamonds (13-14), 60 Black Quartz, and some other ingots and a lot of trash.

I would like to ask for refund. Thank you very much!


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Spoke-in game and I will say it again: Please use the template next time.

Also, it is best idea to request island rollback instead of refund so you wouldn't lose any items you might have forgotten to add to the refund list.

Break the chance cube away from your island, better in other dimension (far away from spawn)




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