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Hello @Cheif2005 ,

First of all you will need to follow the correct template for requesting commands which can be found here.


And as for the commands you have requested - You should be able to get /Speed once you edit your post to follow the above template. In regards to requesting /Smite I am going to say No to that as it has the ability to kill players and there is no good reason to have it.

Also, could you please give us a reason as to why you are requesting /Smite in the first place?


Thanks, Skull.

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Next time please use the template, it's difficult for me to find your in game name since it's not Cheif2005 :-P


/speed permisisons granted
Be aware that going full speed in flight will cause the server to use alot of it's resources just to load the chunks around you, please only go at the speed necessary and don't abuse it.
Any abuse of special permissions will remove your right to request any new commands and the ones you have would be removed.


As for /smite I deny this request, as the only usage of this command I can see would violate our rules. 



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