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[Command Request] xtomyserrax


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Account Name: xtomyserrax

Rank: Premium (I know I am not a Sponsor but please read)

Requested Commands:

Reduce cooldown of /feed and also separate the cooldown from the /heal one

Also fix a bug with the /feed and /heal command: when you do those commands, your hunger bar is to max but your exhaustion stays the same so instantly you feed or heal, you lose hunger. That is because you are still exhausted.


Reason for Request:
First I would like to reduce the cooldown because 5 minutes for just a /feed is a lot and it makes it a not worth command.

Secondly: the /heal cooldown is right, but it has no sense that if you do /feed you wont be able to use /heal and that if you do /heal you wont be able to use /feed. They are two separate commands, if not, just give me perm to use /heal because it feeds me, regenerates my health, and makes me lose all potions effects.

And well, about the fix, is something common which usually happens in custom plugins. You need just to add in the code to set Exhaustion back to 10.


Thanks  a lot for reading. Also, please add my Premium or VIP tag to the forum, or where should I ask for it?


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Hey @xtomyserrax if you know you need sponsor, why are you asking for this? And for you saying that the cooldown has no sense why don't you make a suggestion to make it for the whole rank? Also, a lil' tip. The /feed command fills hunger bars AND saturation. So if you /heal it doesn't. Your hunger bar goes down quickly because you're probably using /heal.

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Hey, so sorry for asking here then. I just did because I thought this section was intended for commands requests, but I will give it to sugestion. What I wanted to suggest was for the whole rank.


But well thank you, I will be doing this post in the suggestion section. Sorry If I have bothered you!

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