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Account Name: bbbby

Town name: / Character name : bbbby

Server: dw 1.7.10

Coordinates: not sure

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: the day before i got currpted so i dont lose my house

Description of Issue: i am cuoppeted chunk ill log on and ill fully crash

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Could you please provide more detail on the time you want the town to rolled back to, such as a time and timezone


Also, i have sent you back to spawn via a jail, you should be able to get back on the server but wont be able to visit your base in the meantime. 


If not let us know when you've updated your post.


Thanks, ~Skull.

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umm ive resently got on but i cannot move and when i do i crash not sure if my house is corrupted or if im corrupted i keed trying to get on but i cant what happend was i spawned something in and i the i just crash i honestly dont care how far back you roll me just roll me back


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