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Suggestion - ACv1


Suggestion - ACv1  

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Today, I would like to present you a small solution to the problem in AssassinS Craft v1 with the darp rope and hiddenblade in spawn. Basically, every arrow that enters the spawn will, almost instantly, get killed. To make this possible, we have to put the coordinates of the spawn. The command will be powered up by a super-fast command block clock. Here's a small video of it: 


-No more hiddenblade in spawn

-No more rope dart in spawn


-No more tripwire hook in spawn.


I hope that you like my idea. Have a nice day,




PS: Sorry for a very small showcase. I didn't have time for a larger.



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It's a nice suggestion and I will consider it, would you PM me all the command block commands that you used?

a couple of concerns

  • Will this prevent arrows from sticking to the outside wall of spawn? Preventing tripwire hooking onto spawn roof?
  • Will the region selected work as a sphere, cylinder or a square? Since only cylinder would really work here, making it square would remove functions of bows from corners, and TwH to work onto spawn's corners


I am fine with players not being able to use TwH inside spawn, mainly the 2nd floor... as there it would only be used to finish the easy parkour or getting to the potion shopkeeper. But if it limits the pvp on the outside by not making arrows stick to any walls then I'm against it- Never the less, good suggestion and good job taking your time for it.

We are aware that there are a handful of bugs on acv1 and it is something that we will try to address as we will "shortly" move on to a 1.12 version of ACv1 (don't worry, we'll use old combat system.) 

There is no time frame on "when" and is more determined upon how the other server's run in the meantime. We obviously can't focus on additions to ACv1 if we have a server that's crashlooping :-)

But, until then this seems like a pretty good solution. Anyone else?

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Hey, firstly I like that people want to help on fixing this problems.

I dont think this idea would be easy to use as the spawn is not a square. And from what I understand, you will have to put the coords of the two corners and that would really affect PvP a little bit.

I also dont know how laggy can command blocks be, but I think the solution cant be made with redstone or plugins, it can be easily fixed with just some lines of coding. I prefer waiting rather than adding this kind of things, or Bruny could just update his custom plugin, which again, I dont think it will so hard. But well, I totally understand he is working on a new version of AC but a plugin update could be something easy to make and that will please everyone in the server.

I really appreciate your idea, but well, in my opinion it is not the best option. Thank you a lot for trying to help the community though, it is something amazing to see people trying to help and well, maybe they accept it!

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It depends, it would be easier to just add two lines of code to the custom plugin the server has but well. I have also found on spigot a way to check if a worldguard region has a PVP flag or not. So it is extremely easy to fix this bug :/ (I have posted the code solution in another forum, so well, that should be the real solution)

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On 5/3/2018 at 7:52 AM, xtomyserrax said:

(I have posted the code solution in another forum, so well, that should be the real solution)

Oh, ok. I hope that the problem will be fixed very soon. Anyway, well done :).



PS: I have no idea of this type of coding. I just know a few things about vanilla commands and I try to recreate some plugins.

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