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[Claim Rollback Request]*Aaron2550*

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Your Name: Aaron2550
Coordiantes: -665 85 1898
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Can you regen? if yes gimmie , just wipe out a 5chunk radius not diameter...
Description of Issue: Just a shit base in general i wanna build something new and since quarries r gone id rather wipe it out completly instead of ahmmering it all down
Screenshots (Optional): 

Maybe i should tag these 2: @Blooome @Benneter


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I was the one that banned you.


You had creative strongboxes in your base, some town memebers of yours were using them to duplicated other players items and returning them in a much higher amount. Now that there is against the rules and sincerity they belonged to you, you were banned and town members were warned.

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