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FTB Infinity Evolved Server Updates!


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After some big lag issues, we have voted for a possible WIPE, trying to avoid it we tried to patch some mods to try to reduce lag and keep the current map for longer. Fixing lag was really time consuming to see what mods caused it and possible ways to improve the code to reduce server load and improve performance. The fact that the server is running on MC 1.7 makes this difficult as some mods do not have source code public, but even so the results show that the lag was reduced allot and so we decided that WIPE is no longer needed at this point and we will try to push the existing map as much as possible.

So short, we will not WIPE, we reduced server lag by editing mods code that were causing most of the lag, and we will continue to do so until there is nothing we can do to further improve performance.

Here is a list of mods patched until now, including crashes and lag optimizations:

  • AgriCraft
  • appliedenergistics2
  • buildcraft
  • Draconic-Evolution
  • EnderIO
  • forestry
  • funky-locomotion
  • gendustry
  • HQM-The Journey
  • ImmersiveEngineering
  • logisticspipes
  • Morpheus
  • NotEnoughItems
  • Pam's HarvestCraft
  • Railcraft
  • rftools
  • StevesFactoryManager
  • TConstruct
  • ThaumicExploration
  • ThermalExpansion
  • Translocator
  • twilightforest
  • WR-CBE


We are always looking to improve our servers, hopefully our efforts will not be in vain and they will get better and better. Thanks!

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