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Hydra Spawn Broken

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Since the Hydra does not spawn, I would like it's drops just so i can continue the Twilight Forest Mod. The Hydra is in the middle of the progression so it is cutting away a lot of the mod. If i could get the items that would be amazing. Thanks!!

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I recommend adding the following to the spawn shop:

(note: prices given should probably be increased or decreased as I am not sure of the game economy.)

(note: Fiery Pick has been known to crash games when mining a wood log. Not sure if it still applies.)

Hydra Pack- 1250

  •  7 Fiery Blood
  • 32 Hydra Chops
  • Hydra Trophy

7 Fiery Blood -600

1 Hydra Trophy-550

32 Hydra Chops- 350

A better alternative would be a set location a player can spawn the hydra at.


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