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[Refund Request] Tanuj - Pure Survival


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In-Game Name: Tanuj(Changed to TanujGaming as told)
Server (AC, PureSurvival, etc.): Pure Survival

Item name + Item ID (Item ID optional, but very helpful!): 10blocks diamond, Diamond sword(enchanted), diamond pickaxe, lapis, iron, gold, brewing stand, potions and many things
Time & Date (Time and Date when you lost the item/s): 20- 03 - 2018 (Time Unknown)
Description of Issue (how you lost the items): Actually I have cracked account and someone logged into premium account as my name and took my everything! Now I created a new account as told by a moderator.
Evidence (an old screenshot/video that shows you had the items;Optional):https://imgur.com/gallery/DaMd3 ( can only show power level and money as I lost items yesterday and have no screenshot)

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I verify this. He told me this, he want to transfer his power level from 'Tanuj' to 'TanujGaming'. And then, refund his lost items.

Addition: I asked permission to login to his account for a while to remove his home so that the premium account can't access it. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

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29 minutes ago, Lexylelelele said:

The items were refunded. You need to wait for someone of a higher rank to transfer the power levels and the $.

Thanks for the items! I already got my money back! No stress for that! Just waiting for the power levels?

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