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Compact Machines

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I have 2 compact machines that aren't working any more for what ever reason.  the ids of the machines are 17 and 39.  When ever i enter them i am immediately tp back to the overworld when i right click to view inside it is blank please help.


FYI number 17 is a 5x5x5 that held my wither boss killer and the number 39 is a 13x13x13 and it had 25 resonant energy cells filled with rf and 2 powercells

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I believe the last time they were working was Apr 3, 2018 at 8:15:00 pm UTC but for sure the day before at the same time.  The coordinates inside the compact machines are

To calculate according to Compact Machine 3 Wiki is y=40, x=1024*machine-id, z=0

Compact Machine id 17 cord y=40 x=17408 z=0

Compact Machine id 39 cord = y=40 x=39936 z=0

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25 resonant energy cells from thermal expansion

2 advanced powercells from rftools

1 powercell from rftools

3 matter beamer from rftools

1 spawner from rftools

1 syringe with wither essence (wither boss) from rftools

2 ender chest from ender storage

1 ender tank from ender storage

1 modular storage from rftools

1 remote storage card from rftools

3 impulse item ducts

2 hardened servos

1 tunnel from compact machines

1 max sized compact machine

1 normal sized compact machine

Thank you for your help in fixong this issue.

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