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SkyFactory 3 Command Request

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Account Name: iScrubPlayz
Rank: Sponsor
Requested Commands^: /enchant
Reason for Request*: The reason for this is multiple reasons such as the first one, When players are trying to have fun together trying to have like for example a small arena fight with certain enchants with certain abilities i try to make players on my island enjoy their experience on the server knowing that the next day they wake up they can have fun again and enjoy knowing that anything could be happening the next day, Im wanting to make an arena and surprisingly i actually plan on making one soon but all i need is to be able to make those fun an op enchants, I can give you one promise that i will never and i mean never abuse this in anyway such as giving this to players for money irl such as the rules say and not do it for any other reason either i will only use this command for my own personal use as well as others on my island, I would say staff but i expect staff can already do that if im correct, If you have any questions then please i honestly would enjoy to answer your questions. Thank you.

                   Yours sincerely Luke.

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As we use sponge and 1.10 we also use Nucleus - which is the " essentials " of sponge pretty much - and while it does have /enchant it has no limitations on it what so ever. Essentials used to have multiple permissions nodes depending if you only get the enchant base or you also get the ability to make unsafe enchants. Like knockback 100 on a piece of brick.

I would allow safe enchants, but since there is no way to only give safe enchants this has to be disapproved- as well as your idea of making an arena would violate rule 4, since you would be using one of your donator perks - in this case /enchant - and "give" players to fight with. While the intentions would probably be to only have them loan the armor and weapons it is still not something we can allow since they can easily just leave with the items you gave them. 

If you want safe enchants you can spawn in the enderio enchanter, it will easily give you most enchants.

PS: There is already an "arena" beneath spawn ;) 

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That is completely Understandable, when you said i was breaking rule 4 every permission i ask for if not for public use, Its more or less for my island group like worldedit i would use for my island, arena would be for my friends to have fun, But thank you anyways

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