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SkyFactory 3 Command Request

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Account Name: iScrubPlayz
Rank: Sponsor
Requested Commands^: /heal (Player)
Reason for Request*: Im asking to be able to do /heal (Player) because my permission is set to just /heal and im unable to heal others, Im wanting to be able to do /heal (player) because sometimes my friends and i will start to have fights with the other island members not PUBLIC so no giving out items to them but i would give out items to my ISLAND members so its private and that they understand the rules as i have said "No giving out and spawned in items such as the items you have been given" and that for a better way of doing things just not give anything at all but there choice to choose between the 2 choices, /heal (player) is useful for not just that but for exploring different dimensions because some people on my island dont like having spawned stuff in but dont mind help such as healing for example and it would help out my island a lot. Thank you if any questions please ask.

                   Yours sincerely Luke

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