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[Rollback request] RandomNukes

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Account Name: RandomNukes

Town name: / Character name : Malden / RandomNukes

Server: DW1.7

Coordinates: 2224 57 -1833

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: ~ 17-4-2017 9:00 GMT+1

Description of Issue: I was relocating my base and i noticed today that one of the chunks that contained my ME drives got reverted to an older state, thus deleting the storage drives inside it. I do not know when this happened, so to be safe i wanted it to be rolled back along with my inventory


As you can see: only the right half got reverted (i placed the ME drives along with the glass, the controllers were placed much earlier. I had in total 6 ME drives with 24 storage cells in total)


Thanks in advance! :D

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