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[Rollback Request] Capacitor Bank Bugged


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Town: Trade / Character: mastershamy

X:1115 Z:-4885 Y:71

11:50PM PST 2018/4/24

Capacitor Bank ([5M cap] ID:1714:2) bugged out.  After breaking and replacing to try and reset it capacitor ended up in a bugged state without any charge info. I tried to put two pieces of gear in for charging before noticing and they just disappeared.  Tried logging off and back on, still bugged. Tried breaking and replacing again, but in different place. Still bugged and the two items did not drop or show up in charging slots. Logged back in just now, still bugged and still missing Dark Helm (ID:5766) and Dark Plate (ID:5797) both with Vibrant Crystal upgrade. I would like both the town and my character rolled back to the above time, unless something else is easier/simpler.

EDIT: Logged in just now and Capacitor Bank is back to normal. Going to try and lock this make a refund request for Helm/Plate.

Couldn't find a way to lock thread, requesting help for that.

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