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[RefundRequest] PintsizedSix40

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Your Name: PintsizedSix40
Item Name + ID + Ammount: Void Shovel (4846) 1

Void Pickaxe (4847) 1

Void Hoe (4850) 1

Void Axe (4848) 1

Void Sword (4849) 1

Angel Ring Dragon Wings (5225:3) 1

Dial Device (2233) 1

Observations of an Immortal (6146) 1

Torn Page (5560:160) 7

I also had 3 reusable safari nets, one with a blaze, another with a wither skeleton, and the last one with a bat. These were hard to get so it would be awesome to get them back, as with the other items.
Coordinates: Not important to this, somewhere at 5093, 102, 773.
Description of Issue: I am never going back to the twilight forest. I was playing, when gameofminds started raging at how their stuff was stuck up at the lich tower, so I can to help them. When I got there, I was instantly killed by the lich, and when I tried to go back, my grave was spawned this time, but when I opened it, the lich evaporated all of my items. I really hope I can get my items back and if I can, I'll never go back there.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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