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False Banned

Mr X

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[1] In-Game Username:

-(Answer in this line)-iScrubPlayz
[2] Details of Situation:

-(Answer in this line)-Banned for Giving items to other people *Apparently* when in fact that wasn't what happened, Staff should investigate more before banning 

[3] Ban Category:

-(Answer in this line)-Temporary

[4] Ban Duration:

-(Answer in this line)-2d

[5] Staff Member:

-(Answer in this line)-RandomNuke

[6] ScreenShots:

-(Answer in this line)-Random Said to leave blank.

[7] Your Reason:

-(Answer in this line)-The fact i buy a rank t use not wait days to use such as being banned, I gave those items to Yoyomaxcool because he was my team mate in helping me build my space station and i put blocks of quarts and oxygen tanks in my chests for him to use for whne oxygen went out he could refill it, and quartz for building the space station out aswell as some more amterials as he would need them for extending the base but then i got banned and randomnukes told me i gave them to a guy and he put them into his ME system when i wasnt on 3 days ago as i am only on friday, saturday, sunday as im only allowed on those days as im mostly revising on the week

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7 minutes ago, iScrubPlayz said:

The fact i buy a rank t use not wait days to use such as being banned


If you have creative or JEI/NEI access, it's your responsibility to make sure nothing leaves your town/base. since we cannot trace who handled items, we can only rely on the source (which is the tag that says "spawned in by") so you have to be careful about what happens to them

anyways, i found a ton of creatively spawned items in cookiefilmsinc's base, all spawned in by you. among those things were wands (which are in no way useful for building a spacestation), creative cobble gens and other various items... i also found multiple placed creative energy cells in their base. this was reason enough for me to see this as a rule 4 offense. (all the items in the second screenshot were tagged)


And unless yoyo left the items you gave him in a chest somewhere outside your claim, he couldn't have done it as he logged out a mere 8 minutes after you!




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Not trying to be a bitch or anything nuke but those wands were for me and Yoyo when we were messing around, i havent seen that base so dont think you know everything when i first joined this server i only went on with my business and built my station, why dont you go to my home and open the chests, They were for me and yoyo, Then  yoyo betrayed me and gave him all that crap, I havent went to a single persons base ever on reveltation, I got my rank moved and went straight onto space, Only yoyo has seen my base other than you and marvel, You know he was un responsive when you asked him, He knew he did something wrong, Im still not sure why it says 3days last on when i was last on the day you saw me


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I'm not sure what you are trying to say here iScrub, but as a donator you a responsible for the creative items you spawn, and if they end up at a base that isn't your own you are held responsible and will be punished accordingly, as you were. I don't understand what you are trying to say here, if you are saying you didn't mean to or if you didn't intend to, but it still did end up there and that is why you were banned.

You obviously need to be very careful with creative and JEI on a server that allows both type of gamemodes and you have been careless with it, in the future and when your ban expires I hope you will be more cautious

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