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Creating a Reception area/Spawn point on a server


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I have been playing Minecraft for a while but am new to running my own Minecraft server. I have seen how on other servers there is usually some sort of building you spawn into with notices and instructions and then portals or exits to go out to start playing. Also, that the building can't be damaged or changed, broken down etc.

I would like some basic instruction about how people go about this. For instance, would you have a reception world with portals leading to other worlds, or just focus on one world but have portals to far off areas on the same world? I am running a basic(?) server that has the spigot plugin v1.12.2. I am successfully running the Multiverse plugin so I am familiar with plugins (and Mods). I know how to designate the 'default world' that people spawn into. So my main questions are:

1. How to make buildings indestructible by any or a certain player.

2. How to allow a player to teleport without being an op.

3. How to create portals in my reception area to go to my other worlds, i.e. which plugin.


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Hello, we don't allow any advertisement on the server so becareful in sharing the IP or name of your server. Just wanted to get this out of the way :).


As per your questions

1) Use a protection plugin, specifically MyTown, GreifPrevention, Towny, WorldGuard to claim your spawn zone. Each protection plugin should have an option to claim an 'administrator' zone which only people with OP / specific permission can edit (not normal members)


2) On the server end of Minecraft, each player has a set of permission node, such as teleporting, being able to chat, executing a certain command, bypassing protection etc. All of these permissions can be managed by a plugin such as PEX/ PermissionEx/Permissions manger/LuckPerms. You will need to go to YouTube and learn these in details as you'll learn best from those sources.


3) I forgot the name but it should be easily findable on the spigot plugin forums. Just look the key words up in that website and you'll hopefully find it!

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