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Quitting the server - Inheritance letter and thoughts


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I'm not gonna play on a server that treats its players as a game to some administrative privileges advancement game. Let's be real here. The person who reported the incident which you are all aware of is probably a helper trying to become a mod right? Using common sense I'm just a guy who was trying to help someone by answering their question. Somehow it escalated to a ban, where no specifics of a bug was even mentioned aside from the word "IC2." This is obviously just to increase some guy's ban statistics. I'm not gonna be some guy's statistic so he can get the next higher tier of administrative privileges by a "ban most" game where you try to completely stretching logic off the scale.

Also, I'm not gonna take advantage of people's kindness so this post is also for the players who helped me. Below are my coords. It is claimed and I automatically trust people who help me, so you can take the items you've given me back because it's not in my good conscience to come back, when I'm pretty sure I'll probably get banned by some stretch of logic again, and ironically, probably while helping someone again, and from what I observe in life in general, these people usually stick to the same target. Hopefully when I play some place else, I just get to play and be left alone; all I actually wanted, when I didn't really do anything wrong except try to answer a guy's question to help him.

I know it's a one day ban, but if it happened once, the stretch of logic will happen again, and I'm also not the type to let go of something I consider BS. Ultimately, I just hate the feeling of having to walk through eggshells on my every move like this is a game of red light green light because of this potential 'ban game.' I'm here to have fun and make friends and try to help people just because I might have an answer they don't, and the rest to be left alone, not this admin privileges game which I am very very suspicious of is actually what's happening. Looking at it straightforwardly, why else would a guy get banned for answering people's questions? No matter how you stretch it, it's just a guy trying to help someone. The whole point of this is somehow a guy just answering a question escalated into what THIS is.

Here are the coords
x: 1092 z: -1800 y: 64

This is specifically for... sorry I'm not good with names:
Starts with an f or has an f in his name? Whatever. You're trusted anyways. The guy who gave me rock bees hoping I'd mass produce propolis in the future. Take whatever you want.

I think Beh. The guy who gave me a bunch of dungeon and rock bees. They are all in the bee chest beside the diamond chest. I haven't gotten around to them. I was busy trying to turn my cultivated bees into nocturnal, cavedwelling, tolerant flyers. They are very rare. Please at least take it back.
Someone should probably take the ender bees I took from the end too in my Purebreds Bee Chest because there's only a limited amount of those hives.
If this pack had Thaumcraft, you'd probably sell infernal bees for millions because they're used to create empowering bees.
Note: The 2 fertility rock bees will with fast production will also probably sell for a lot or keep it for yourself. It's a strong foundation when doing bees, and if you start on bees a little, you'll know why.
I am not coming back so you can take anything.

P.S. IE wires autoconverts RF to EU and vice versa, atleast in an older pack I know of. You don't have to use electric engines. They seem expensive. You know who you are. Jk I just don't remember your names.

TBH, there was this person asking what ignoble stock meant in chat and I answered it because no one else was answering it. Whoever it is seems to want or is starting bees. I'd give them my bees to them if I remembered the name. Like I told you I'm bad with names. I trusted 2 people with my entire base and I don't even remember their names.
Last post because you know my coords anyways and the good guys are trusted. You will not see me again, so if you hate this post don't worry. Goodbye and non-sarcastically though good luck.
Who knows. This will probably be deleted anyways because it bad mouths the server. I won't know and I won't care, because i'm out of here. At least I tried returning you guy's good gifts and intentions.

I've read the rules. I know about the rule. I'd just thought by common sense it meant people who are telling people specifically what a bug is, how to make it work, how it works, and have actual malicious intent. Not someone who vaguely mentions a bug by simply offhandedly stating the name of an entire big mod in an attempt to and in the context of just trying to help other players by answering their question. Don't know why you are trying so hard to get me, but good bye. No matter how you try and spin it, its just someone trying to be nice to other people, and if that's bannable, then I'm glad it came before I've invested a lot of time in this server. It feels like this is the type of server that just treats it people like statistics to increase their ban numbers. Maybe it's because I'm new? Try and treat people better and leave people alone if they're clearly just trying to play the game and maybe sometimes help people. Maybe you would actually have a bigger community. Goodbye. I'm quitting the server. You've just lost a player who you know have no intent of griefing or theft. You treat your players horribly, trying to look for nitpicky ways of trying to ban them.

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8 hours ago, Arvic12 said:

The person who reported the incident which you are all aware of is probably a helper trying to become a mod right? 

Hi, before we get started, we don't promote any staff here based on the number of warns they issued nor the number of bans they have done. We simply promote staff based on their in-game activity, forum activity, attitude and how they react in certain situations- having a Police-like system where you would get your 'paycheck' for getting your quota filled would be detrimental for an online community and just plain sad.

Your ban was a tricky case, if we let it go then other people would start bending the rules with the following excuse "oh I just said that I heard it" or "i didn't say anything directly about it", hence creating a lot more issues than necessary. This is the part which you need to understand. The logic I gave to akaElite for letting you remain banned it that a relatively quiet player is still reading the chat. He sees someone talking about protection bypass issues then surely he would give a few google searches and try to find one himself to satisfy his curiosity. You were helping him, yes, I asked akaElite to unban you at first glace but instantly on the forum you wrote this

Not to mention, you have to use that one particular item in a very particular way for it to happen.

I get that you wanted to clear up your aforementioned point but this was extremely unnecessary and delivers the same curiosity to guests who were to read that topic. This is why I let you remain banned. Before writing a comment like that, it's best to think what effects would it have to every type of person reading it. I'm sorry that you decided to leave the server and I hope that things go alright for you. 

Another thing i'd like to clear is that I don't nitpick on certain people nor do I investigate them more than other normal people. They all will get the same treatment. If you think that after you'll be unbanned and we'll stalk you 24/7 then please get that thought out of your mind. Play on the server as you'd normally would. If you have any questions on the rules then feel free to ask me. Also, for protection bypass issues and whatnot, it's recommended to keep it in a private conversation between a staff member and not try to talk about them in public.

Feel free to ask any questions below, i'll try to answer them before midnight. I know I might've missed out on something but I can't sit on the laptop for more than 2 hours during these exams preparations.



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