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Saplings not growing in claims correctly


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I noticed a few people complaining that saplings have not been growing in claims correctly, therefore running tree farms such as steve carts.

I found a fix for this a while ago, but never mentioned it as I thought it would of been more common knowledge.


The reason saplings remain after a tree grows is because the sapling is unable to be destroyed due to being inside a claim.

Unfourtanetly, this means if you would like your saplings to be destroyed to grow into trees you would need to toggle block breaking in your claim.

However, you can do this just for saplings. (And any other block in the game however you will need a specific name in order to do this)


In order to find the name, you need to not have permission inside the claim. You will be presented with a message like as follows:

You don't have "Player's" to interact with the block "example:block".


For example, saplings will say the following:

You don't have Zabuka's permission to interact with the block minecraft:sapling.


(The following commands have only been tested for regular oak saplings, other saplings may or may not have different names)

In order to allow saplings to be broken in the claim, you will need to use the following command:

/cf block-break minecraft:sapling true

This will now allow saplings to be broken by ANYTHING and ANYONE on your claim, including tree growth.

I have also used the command:

/cf interact-block-primary minecraft:sapling true

This will allow people and machines to 'left click' saplings, I am uncertain whether or not this has any affect on the farm.


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