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Saving on server is broken


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I noticed this issue on other Craftersland servers as well, and with the new Revelation modpack it is more prominent than ever. As soon as I leave my base long enough for a "Saving world" to happen (with my base chunks unloaded) it is corrupted when I go back. More specifically tile entities and metadata seems to be saved incorrectly. While this was pretty random on DW 1.7.10 it happens very "reliable" on this pack.

I noticed the following things happen often, up to all the time:

- The pressure plate at my front door stops working. This is a vanilla pressure plate on a vanilla door with nothing but vanilla stone and log around. Fixing that requires me to replace the block below the plate, which means it was set to a wrong redstone state.

- My AE network does a full reset every time I return.

- When I climb down to my T1 Void Miner linked to my Pulverizer via ender-chest, the Pulverizer stops working. Once I climb up back to my base, the Void Miner stops working. This happens 100% of the time.

- My recently build Quantum Quarry worked perfectly fine till I left my base once, then the core of it was gone.

Note that all of these are built in the same chunk, because I tried to avoid chunk-issues.

Other people report issues like blocks spontaneously changing into other blocks, tile-entities rolling back to previous states, and many other.

None of these issues happen in single player nor on other servers. This rules out the mod-packs or general multiplayer-issues, which means it has to be a Craftersland server issue. Since my vanilla pressure plate stops working so frequently, this rules out every other mod-related issue. So it can only be related to the way chunks are saved, and that seems to fail on saving block extra data like metastate, NBT or tile entities.

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