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[sf3] Anti-help rule question


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there is a certain rule that i assume will be passed. 

I heard from tyleristheboss12 and YungBloodMiho that they were giving away free items. They said that Behhh warned them, telling them not to give away free items as it violated rule 20: "use common sense", saying that the admins were watching, starting that day. I do not believe rule 20 works this way: "use common sense" is their way of saying "bending the rules gives you the same punishment as breaking them" or something along the lines of this. The rule that is most likely to be used ("do not gift/sell creative or illegitimate items to players outside your town") explicitly only considers creative items. 

However, there is no rule, suggestion, or complaint regarding this topic. Staff, please either do something about this, or tell me what the heck is going on. 

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We like players to "build their own empires" so to say.

We've noticed that players who are given freebies have a tendency to get spoiled and acting as such, which can result in begging, chat spamming, annoying behavior to even badgering other players into giving them stuff.

Another thing is that we expect players to do stuff themselves. Via auctions, buycraft, the player market and the spawn shops a lot of ingame items and perks stuff gets sold. Bruny also often accepts shop requests for harder to get items. If the shops aren't enough, or youè just want that little extra in your game, players can buy ranks with perks like creative powers and the /give command.

If players have difficulty with mods, recipe's/crafting, island challenges, ... they can ask any staff for help. If none are online, there's always ftbWiki.org or google in general. But any helper and up will gladly help players with recipe's, explaining of mods to even helping players reach their graves if they die.


The thing is, everyone has to start somewhere. It's not fair to some players who work their behinds off to get where they are after a month and then to see a newbie being handed all kinds of stuff. if you have excess stuff, better sell it for a fair price, auction it (but watch what you sell, don't auction a drac staff of power for 1 dollar cause that's ridiculous) and if nobody buys, just void/burn/trash it, there's even a disposal at spawn.

So basically, common sense means just to think about stuff. Does it seem fair towards others? No. don't do it. Are you actually helping someone? yes or no, etc.
I know it's vague; you can give presents to a friend you started out with and who has the same advancement as you do, it's not ok to give newbies stuff, definately when it's advanced items. Let them work for it, everyone else does.
Also, we can split up the "common sense" rule into many more specific rules, but we're not officers of the law and work hard to keep the servers fun for everyone


I hope this kinda answers your question. If you have more, feel free to ask.

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